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2021 department goals and objectives


Goal 1:  The Bureau of Special Operations Traffic Section will increase the use of Speed Spy’s by 25%. 

Goal 2:  The Bureau of Special Operations Traffic Section will increase enforcement activity by 10%.

Goal 3:  The Bureau of Special Operations will bring the National Mounted Police Colloquium back after the COVID cancellation of 2020. This will allow our department to be on the cutting edge of innovation in the field of Mounted Policing.

Goal 4:  The Bureau of Special Operations will send two Officers to the National Citizen’s Police Academy Association to obtain a certification to educate our citizens in our community.

Goal 5:  The Bureau of Administration will provide “First Responder Autism Community Training” for all sworn personnel during 2021 In-service. The goal of the Training Section is to further increase awareness surrounding autism and provide officers with resources that will aid them with their response during contact with community member who may be autistic. 

Goal 6:  The Bureau of Administration will provide ICAT (Integrated Communications, Assessment and Tactics) training for sworn personnel during 2021 in-service training. ICAT is a training program that provides first responding police officers with the tools, skills, and options they need to successfully and safely defuse a range of critical incidents. ICAT takes the essential building blocks of critical thinking, crisis intervention, communications, and tactics, and puts them together in an integrated approach to training.

Goal 7:  The Bureau of Patrol will build upon previously established relationships with New Vista, to more comprehensively aid those in the community who struggle with substance abuse suffering from a mental crisis.

Goal 8:  The Bureau of Patrol will increase the number of certified bicycle officers.

Goal 9:  The Bureau of Investigation will provide additional necessary resources to victims of crime.

Goal 10:  The Bureau of Investigations will develop a procedure to document contact and communicate with a responsible guardian for juvenile victims of crimes, in compliance with Marsy’s Law.


Have questions about how we’re meeting these goals? Contact Commander Chris Schnelle in the Chief’s Office.