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Appetizing Ashland Area: Winchester a win-win

Appetizing Ashland Area: Winchester a win-win

Who said anticipation is half the fun? When I realized that the Marriott Delta was coming to Ashland, a full-service hotel complete with a full-time restaurant, I anticipated its opening with each passing week.

Would it be as successful as I hoped and would I be disappointed in the quality of the food and service? I am delighted to say that I have definitely not been disappointed and it has surpassed all my anticipation at every level. The community has embraced this addition to downtown with all its support. Amazing food and great service is what I hear time and time again from our citizens and out-of-town guests.

Stop by for breakfast, which includes all the usual, but my personal two favorites are the Breakfast Bowl which is a perfect combination of egg, potato and cheese and Eggs Benedict which is your traditional poached eggs on top of ham, tomatoes with a creamy hollandaise sauce served with one side — for me, that is the Crabby Bene-crab cake, spinach, tomatoes and topped with a creamy crab sauce. Yummy! Skip lunch for sure that day.

The lunch menu is varied plus tantalizing, and $10 will get you the famous Winchester “Bottomless” Salad, with their array of homemade dressings, and another selection, which might include a Sushi California or Spicy Tuna Roll. An extended lunch menu makes it a difficult choice.

Dinners are noted for their marvelous selections of steak, seafood, pastas and bourbon. Start off with their award-winning Crab Rangoon or beer-battered onion ring appetizer, a glass of delicious house wine or bourbon, of course, and you are ready to experience a peaceful and delightful dining experience for the evening.

Diva Justice loves their Chicken Picatta with Pasta and patrons rave about their savory Prime Certified Angus Beef, such as the cooked-to-perfection Peppercorn Encrusted Filet. It is hard for me to deviate from their elegant succulent Lobster Langostino Pasta tossed in a creamy wine or white sauce.

If you follow Facebook at all, you can readily see that The Winchester is the premier place to celebrate the special moments in our lives: anniversaries, birthdays, entertain out-of-town guests or just getting together after the pandemic with family and friends. You really don’t need an occasion, however, to enjoy a memorable evening at The Winchester located inside the Marriott Delta, downtown Ashland.

One might frequently observe the Millers (Ted and Pat) and the Settermans (Don and Kathy) enjoying a Sunday brunch after church. Be sure and save room for dessert as The Winchester is noted as having the best cheesecake in town.

An integral part of any restaurant is its customer service. Although the food might be delicious and the atmosphere and décor delightful, if the service doesn’t exceed expectations, you might not have that repeat customer. The Winchester understands and trains all of its employees to the highest standard in service. Ashland applauds you, and so happy you’re here to stay.

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