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Clark County Indiana Community Portal

Purdue Extension, Clark County, ANR Consulting is still up and going

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Purdue Extension, Clark County needed to adjust its way of offering services to the community. Notable among them is Ag and Natural Resource (ANR) consultation services which still remain available but slightly modified. Except for walk-ins which is not encouraged unless it is absolutely necessary, we continue to offer consultation services via email, phone and text. Where these contact options are not able to provide a remedy and it requires a site visit, we would arrange to do so while keeping to Purdue policy on social distancing and any other safety requirements.

ANR consultations cover a very wide range of areas and topics notable among them are gardening, fish pond management, soil testing, lawn management, ornamental and fruit tree care, plant pest and disease identification and control, and corn and soy bean agronomy.

While these consultations occur at any time, the cropping season from April to September is when we have increased consultation contacts with the community. The community has adjusted very quickly to the current reality and we continue to get high numbers of consultation contacts by email, text and calls.

Please continue to bring your ANR needs and inquiries to Clark County Extension by calling the Extension office at 812-256-4591 or sending an email to We have stepped up our services on soil testing to include detailed instructions on how to sample the soil, how to handle it to avoid contamination, how to process and where to mail soil samples to. When your test results come back, Purdue Extension will help you with interpreting the results and provide you with recommendations on amendment needs including fertilizer and Ag lime types and rates to use. Your plant pest and disease problems also continue to be handled both locally and with the Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic lab where necessary.

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