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Clark County, Kentucky Archives

Clark County Archives File Manager:

Marvin Allen 

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File DescriptionSizeDateSubmitter
Adams, Isom February 21, 1831 10-22-2008J. Robison
Adams, Joseph January 17, 1833 10-22-2008J. Robison
Allen, Douglass 06-10-2005Louise Poulton
Allen, Joseph 06-10-2005Louise Poulton
Bright, Ralph January 17, 1817 – 2KJul 2011Sherri Bradley
Bristow, Francis M. 1804 – 1864 08-06-2007Joy Fisher
Davis, John M. March 20, 1790 – July 29, 1865 06-02-2009J. Robison
Dean, Captain Jeremiah E. 06-25-1997Diana Flynn
Dean, George 05-09-2004Mike Dean
Gorden, Randal Richardson December 15, 1821 10-22-2008J. Robison
Hampton, David January 15, 1764 – January 26, 18422KJan 2011J. Robison
Miller, Milton M. 5/27/2005Sandi Gorin
Price, Daniel P. 08-06-2007Joy Fisher
Scholl, William Crica 1730 – 11-11-2008J. Robison
Stone, Leroy D.  06-25-1997Diana Flynn
Taylor, John W. 08-19-2004Sandi Gorin
Vivion, John Bowen October 23, 1810 –  07-29-2008J. Robison



Church Records


Deaths Certificates

File DescriptionSizeDateSubmitter
Brinegar Deaths, 1921-1993 Jun 1999Jen Bawden
Clark, John Catlett February 20, 1945Image 109KNov 2007Darrell Warner
Clark, Martin L. April 11, 1952Image 120KNov 2007Darrell Warner
Hatton Jr., Edwin March 21, 1937 Nov 2008Mary Hatton
Hatton, Mattie Ellen November 2, 1918 Nov 2008Mary Hatton
Hatton, Vida March 14, 1915 Dec 2008Mary Hatton

Deeds & Other Court Records

File DescriptionSizeDateSubmitter
Bush, Ambrose, Estate Appraisal 07-31-1998Julie Adams
Bush, John, Estate Inventory 06-10-1998Julie Adams
Hatton, Marion Hubert January 16, 1913 11-20-2008Mary Hatton
Hatton, Viola March 13, 1915 11-20-2008Mary Hatton
Parrish 06-10-1998Judyظ┬ُ├┤ Wright
Parrish, Barnett, Estate Settlement 06-10-1998Judyظ┬ُ├┤ Wright


Family Records


File DescriptionSizeDateSubmitter
Allen, John and Griffin, Ann – Marriage Permissionimage008.jpgNov 2018Marvin Allen
Allen, John and Griffin, Ann – Marriage Bondimage009.jpgNov 2018Marvin Allen
Henderson, Roy Edgar and Perkins, GertieImage 136KJul 2007Darrell Warner
Jones, Nancy – Rankin, Samuel November 5, 1857 Aug 2007Darrell Warner
Rice, Mary Odell (Odie) – Johnson, Andrew (Andy) Oct 2008Sabrina Sanders
Rogers, Mamie (Mayme) – Irving, Henry Louis September 6, 1898 Jan 2005Harold Irving
Rupard, Joseph W. and Sudie J. Haggard Marriage2KOct 2005Patricia Todd
S Surname marriages 1796-185010KOct 1999Sandra Burbridge
Warner, Tandy – Campbell, Jennie E. – January 18, 1877 Nov 2007Darrell Warner

USA Vets Revolutionary War

File DescriptionSizeDateSubmitter
Best, James, pension documents 18185K  
Burbridge, Linsfield, Died June 20 1842.1KDec 2011Linda Brown
Davis, Thomas April 27, 1818, Revolutionary War – Pension Apr 2009J. Robison
Elkin, James, pension documents 18328K  
Foster, William 17766KSep 2014Adrienne Potter
Gorden, John November 26, 1832 Mar 2009J. Robison
Holeman, Tandy, pension documents 18577K  
Moore, Nicholas, Pension Application 18204KApr 1997Sandra Gage
Oliver, Richard 18332KNov 2010Sheila Schmutz
Tracey, Charles Revolutionary War Pension App. 18322K Roger Thompson

USA Vets Civil War

USA Vets WW2

USA Vets Korean War

USA Vets Viet Nam War




File DescriptionSizeDateSubmitter
Armstrong, Susan Foster August 10, 18891KAug 2011Marilyn Campbell
Arnold, Elizabeth Strother, December 19462KApr 2011Bruce Bosmeny
Arnold, W. E., March 9, 19383KApr 2011Bruce Bosmeny
Brantley, Geneva “Mae” December 29, 20032KJun 2004Sandi Gorin
Duvall, Mollie A. November 21, 19393KMar 1997Beulah Franks
Ecton, James S., October 19071KApr 2011Bruce Bosmeny
Ecton, Mary E., January 16, 19192KApr 2011Bruce Bosmeny
Grooms, Cyntha Ann Jan 2006Peggy Contreras
Ham, William Clark August 19, 2003 Sep 2004Neal Byrge
Hastie, Leland August 1968 Nov 2007Carolyn Hale
Huls, Jane June 26, 1931 Sep 2009Mary Hatton
Irving, Henry Louis January 21, 1936 Jan 2005Harold Irving
Jordan, Andrew Jackson June 26, 1963 Jan 2009Ann Graham
Lewis, Marjorie August 13, 2003 Jul 2004Neal Byrge
Mann, Clay M. October 19692KJun 2010Sandra Kluge
Pelfrey, Bertha November 10, 1976 May 2004Teresa Edwards
Quiseberry, Tandy October 3, 1892 May 2004Phillip Brown
Ringer, Cheryl L. August 9, 2003 Jun 2004Neal Byrge
Scobee, Alexander Samuel August 18, 1910 Oct 2009Mary Hatton
Scobee, Damaris August 17, 1931 Sep 2009Mary Hatton
Scobee, Martha J. April 7, 1919 Sep 2009Mary Hatton
Scobee, Mrs. Elizabeth E. December 25, 1920 Oct 2009Mary Hatton
Scobee, Rice Pendleton January 7, 1927 Sep 2009Mary Hatton
Scobee, Sarah Elizabeth Jane McIntire September 18, 1925 Sep 2009Mary Hatton
Tackett, Clyde July 1973 Nov 2007Carolyn Hale
Tyler, Margaret December 5, 1909 Oct 2009Mary Hatton
Walter, Aldridge November 1957 Sep 2007Alanna Aldridge


Post Cards

File DescriptionSizeDateSubmitter
St. George Hotel in Winchester 1944Image 67K 
Union Depot in WinchesterImage 68K 

Tax Lists