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Clark County Newspaper Obituaries

Throughout its storied history, Clark County has a variety of newspapers to report the news and opinions of its citizens.  Although some of these have been lost to time, the Library is proud to have preserved many of these materials on microfilm.  Although we have certain issues of some publications, the vast majority of our collection stems from these newspapers:

  • The Clark County Democrat:  1867-1886 (scattered issues)
    • Became The Winchester Democrat in 1887-1917 (scattered)
    • Became The Daily Democrat in 1918-1920 (scattered)
  • The Semi-Weekly Sun:  1878-1880 (scattered)
    • Proceeded by The Winchester Sun:  1881-Present (some gaps, complete run 1911-2009)

Through years of diligent work by library volunteers, an index of obituaries that appeared in the local newspapers has been created.  Through the early years (1870s-1911) there are complete transcriptions of the obituaries and some accompanying documents as well.  Then on, until 2009, there is simply an index of names and the dates their obituaries appear in the paper.  This list is organized alphabetically, and can be accessed below. We are currently having issues with a few of our Obituary pages. For these pages, there will be a PDF document that you can download.  Feel free to contact the Library if you are unable to access any results.