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   The Clark County Public Educational System, in service to and in partnership with the families and community of Clark County, will provide all students a quality education.

     Welcome to the Clark County Curriculum Site

   These pages offer resources for curriculum, instruction, and assessment, including integrating technology into the curriculum.  Available are Competency Assurance documents, Assessment and Literacy resources, as well as Content Area and Technology Resource contacts.

CATS Testing Grade Level Maps
Links, Materials, & Resources Links, Materials, & Resources
Assessment Items & Curriculum Support
   Links, Materials, & Resources
Open Response                Math                     Literacy
Clark County Open Response Catalog: 2005-2006
Ebooks Database: Now Online
Writing Connection: Summarizing PowerPoint
Writing Connection: Predicting & Inferring PowerPoint
Native American Webquest / Pictures
Native American Unit Plan
Combined Curriculum Documents (from KDE
Open Response Bank (password =  ORQ2002)
Critical Vocabulary (pdf format)
Core Content Word List (pdf format)
2004 Released Test Items
1997- 1999 Released Test Items

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