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Developmental Disabilities | Clark County


COVID-19 Operations Update

The Developmental Disabilities Program recognizes that we are experiencing challenging times related to COVID-19. We remain committed to serving our community during this public health crisis.  All Developmental Disabilities Program staff are working remotely, and the office is closed to the public at this time, but we remain committed to being accessible to all.  We will respond promptly.  For more information on COVID-19 in Clark County please visit

Pandemic Helpline – Project Connect

A new 24-hour support line is working to help individuals with developmental disabilities and those who care for them cope during the COVID-19 pandemic. The telehealth line, Project Connect, is free and available anytime for people with disabilities, their families, caregivers and other members of their support teams across the nation. 

Find out more in an article published Dec. 3, by the disability scoop.

Project Connect is available by calling 888-847-3209

The Clark County Developmental Disabilities Program actively works with education, the business community, local, state, and federal government, the Clark County Parent Coalition, and other advocacy groups.

For evaluation, case management, and services, contact the Developmental Disabilities Administration at 360.418.6108. 

Mission Statement

Clark County will assist all people with developmental disabilities to have the opportunity to achieve full, active, integrated, and productive lives. ​ ​


Our Vision

People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) are fully participating community members.  This will occur in a community where each person is recognized for their gifts and contributions to that community without regard to their heritage, gender, orientation, age, disability, history, religion or nationality.


Our Values


People with disabilities and their families should have access to the supports needed to live, work and fully participate in local community life.


Services and supports will be tailored and customer driven. Individuals and families will have the power, authority and ability to personalize and direct supports to achieve a life typical of all community members.


People with disabilities and their families should have opportunities for natural interactions and participation in all aspects of community life.


Clark County promotes partnerships including business, education, service providers and neighborhoods to ensure all individuals with developmental disabilities and their families have the opportunity for formal and informal supports. Formal supports and services should foster independence and personal growth, while informal supports should encourage friendships and community membership.


Developmental Disabilities Comprehensive Plan




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