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GCCS | Greater Clark County Schools

With singing, dancing, puzzles, and more, preschool’s hands-on lessons help keep kids engaged while learning.

Greater Clark’s full-day preschool program is about teaching the foundation of education. The program is free to those qualifying for On My Way Pre-K.

“Students that are enrolled in preschool, they have a really big benefit because they are learning some of the standards before entering kindergarten,” said preschool teacher Caroline McKinney.

In addition to the educational standards, it is important to get a head start on the social aspect of school.

“We have students that come in here that are extremely shy, they’ve never been around other kids before in a school setting,” McKinney added. “So they learn how to be around others.”

Check out this video to learn more about Greater Clark’s preschool program and how it’s helping prepare students for a successful start in kindergarten.

 SAVE THE DATE! Greater Clark’s preschool program applications will be available online starting March 1. Spots are limited, so reserve your child’s seat early!