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GRC Dogsports

The mission of GRC Dogsports is to provide PEOPLE with the motivation to give their dogs the training they need to thrive in this world, and a healthy place to put all of their natural drives. We want to re-purpose the old APBT games to show not just the amazing gameness and relationship, but also the control and teamwork you can achieve through training.

Our vision: To see clubs all over the world. We hope that this sport will inspire people to create a community of like minded dog enthusiasts. We want to see shelters and rescues involving their dogs in these clubs. And when someone adopts the dog…. They will want to continue on with the sport and be accepted into the GRC community. We want this sport to inspire them and their dog to continue to train, and thrive!. We want for responsible dog breeders to view GRC as a wonderful validation of the quality of their dog’s temperament and drive.

We want this sport to spread the vision of dogmanship, as we have come to love it, to as many people as it can.