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Kentucky Department of Military Affairs

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Kentucky National Guard

The Kentucky National Guard has dual role with a federal & state mission providing support to the Commonwealth & the Nation, both here and abroad.

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Emergency Management

Mitigation, Preparedness, Response & Recovery to Protect the Lives, Environment & Property of the People of Kentucky.

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Youth ChalleNGe

Youth ChalleNGe programs help young people improve their life skills, education and employment potential. Bluegrass ChalleNGe at and Appalachian ChalleNGE at

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Kentucky Guard eMuseum

Throughout our history, Kentucky has cherished the tradition of rendering military duty with zeal and self-sacrifice when called upon.

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Bluegrass Station

Located between Lexington and Winchester, this DoD-style campus provides logistical & operational support to a number of tenants both government & private industry

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Kentucky Logistics Operation Center

To provide ready-to-wear uniforms worldwide to military members of all services, both active & reserve components

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