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KY 715 in Wolfe County closed due to break in pavement

KY 715 in Wolfe County is closed indefinitely between Sky Bridge Road %3Amilepoint 10.6%3A and the Red River bridge at the Menifee County line %3Amilepoint 11.9%3A due to a break in pavement. Transportation Cabinet personnel evaluated the break and determined that the road is unsafe for travel. The break extends across both lanes of the highway. Motorists can use KY 15 and KY 77 through Powell and Menifee counties as a detour route. “Road Closed” signs and barricades will be posted on KY 715, but there will not be a signed detour. %3Aimg alt=”Sky Bridge Road closure” src=”/Internet/FSE_MEDIA/fseprd894651.jpg” style=”width: 520px; height: 338px;” /%3A