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Letter to the editor: Deep Equity a unifying program we need

Deep Equity a unifying program we need

Elisabeth Bass, a senior at James Wood High School, clearly described the Deep Equity Program in one sentence. In her open forum on March 16t she said, “Students from a diverse array of backgrounds were able to share their stories and their ideas on how to make our school district a more equitable environment for every student.”

So, in order for students to weigh in and offer solutions to the challenges of others, they would first have to listen very attentively to the stories and journeys of fellow students to a point where they vicariously feel what it must be like to be them. Students learning and practicing how to open up their minds to others is a very useful lifetime skill. And, even if no equitable solutions to challenges come out of these discussions, the program still gives everyone insight to each other, fostering selflessness, sympathy, and empathy.

According to the Deep Equity Program website, this program is a bottom-up method where solutions come out of the minds of enlightened students, which completely debunks the idea that it’s brainwashing.

Today, Americans are more divided than ever before in modern history, and students learning how to relate to each other is perhaps exactly what is needed to begin a unifying process. That is why our county needs to approve a budget for the “Deep Equity Program.”