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Politics News Clark County, KY

Judicial Race Made Up.
Yesterday was the last day for entering the race for Circuit Judge this, the twenty fifth Judicial district and the coming Saturday will be the last day for putting up the $500 for the primary entrance fee. Mr.. Grant Lilley of Richmond having withdrawn, the candidates for the office are Judge J. M. Benton, the present Incumbent, and Hon, J. Smith Hays.
Judge Benton has been on the bench for the past eight years and has made an admirable official being always fair and impartial in the discharge his duties. Judge Hays has never been an officer holder in this district but he is none the less popular as he has been before the people of the district for some time practicing his profession and in several; of the late campaign has stumped the district in the interest of the Democratic  nominees.
The committee on November 13 set December 31 as the data for holding the primary and at that time there was only one announced candidate  the being Judge Benton. Judge Hays announced his candidacy last Thursday and has addressed a letter to all the members of the committee making a change in the time for holding the primary from December 31 to some time in the spring of 1909, as he says be does not think he will have time to canvass the district by December 31. Hon. John M. Stevenson, chairman of the Clark county Democratic Committee, said this morning that up  to present time no order has been issued for a call meeting od the committee to consider Judge Hays request for an extension of the time for holding the primary.
[December 2, 1908, Lexington Herald ]