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Recently Acquired Model 25 | Winchester Shotguns

Recently about few months ago obtained a Model 25 12 gauge shotgun and thought I would share it as well.  Not a big following in the collector realms, however with low numbers of production that could change over the years, one never knows. I wanted one for the fact they are not many produced and you don’t see that many of them, at least in my neck of the woods.  

Serial number, 21761 puts it at second year of production I believe. Unfortunately, Manufacture began in 1949 and was discontinued in 1954 after numbers passed 87,937. No records that I know of that break down serial number production per year. Not even my 4th Edition Red Book gives any info on dates besides what is known.

She is tight and locks up good and solid so she hasn’t been messed with. Appears to be original bluing with little wear mostly on the edges and here and there on the receiver and barrel. Choke is Modified cylinder. Bore is nice and shiny no pitting anywhere inside or out.  Twenty eight inch barrel.

Furniture appears to have been redone however.  No cracks, toe and heel are intact, also has the original buttplate. 

The Model 25 was coined a “poor mans” Model 12, and was developed as a lower priced gun as dealers then complained about the high price of the Model 12. All Model 25’s were solid frame no take down models, based upon the Model 12 action.

Offered only in 12 gauge. Chokes were Full, Modified, and Improved Cylinder. Some guns below serial number 47,100 had 26 inch barrels with Improved Cylinder choke, however 28 inch barrels were standard. They did make a riot gun model with a 20 inch Improved Cylinder choke and sling swivels.

Of course special orders with recoil pads and special sights could be ordered then as well. Steel front bead sights were standard, and receivers had matted sighting grooves standard. Hard rubber buttplates were standard. They didn’t fair well as the Model 12 as we all know was the “The Perfect Repeater” and production ended after five years.