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Scioto Sheriff: Suspect may be back in Ky.

PORTSMOUTH The Scioto County Sheriff said Wednesday the 48-year-old suspect at the center of a manhunt following a three-county car chase Sunday evening and an escape from a Columbus hospital may be back in the area.

Sheriff David Thoroughman said Tracy Rickett — who is accused of leading officers in Kentucky on a chase after a car-theft spree and the attempted murder of a Lewis County deputy — is still at large and may be in Kentucky.

“We’ve been receiving information from from different sources and they all seem to indicate he’s made his back here,” Thoroughman said. “Most of those sources are saying he’s in Kentucky.”

Thoroughman said the U.S. Marshals Service, which is tasked with apprehending fugitives across the country, has been called to assist local police.

Rickett was initially taken into custody a little after 7 p.m. Sunday following a car chase that culminated in shots fired at the end of a rural road in Franklin Furnace. While no one was injured in the shooting, Rickett was taken to Southern Ohio Medical Center following the chase, according to the sheriff.

A deputy followed behind the ambulance to SOMC, then contacted the security department at Grant Medical Center in downtown Columbus to let them know Rickett was being flown in.

A Scioto County deputy did not accompany Rickett on the flight, according to Thoroughman.

“The Grant security was advised he was coming, to my understanding,” the sheriff said. “When he got to his room, it’s my understanding he left immediately.”

Grant Medical Center was contacted but had not returned any calls as of 3 p.m. The Columbus Police Department was contacted — a sergeant said he’d check into the case, but he has not called back. Multiple calls to CPD were not answered.

Anyone with any information about Rickett’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office at (740) 354-7566. All calls will remain anonymous.

Rickett is wanted in Kentucky and Ohio on a litany of charges.

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