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Winchester Restaurant Looks For Support After Flooding

WINCHESTER, Ky. — Karl Crase, owner of Hall’s On The River, said Wednesday’s flooding is one of the worst floods he has seen in the past 30 years. Owning a well-known community restaurant, Crase said this past year has been difficult, not only on himself but for his employees and his community.

“We’ve suffered more than any other industry from COVID[-19]. And then to have this sort of as the icing on that really unfortunate cake is tough but we’re gonna get through it,” Crase said. “That’s what we do and it’s part of it and we’ll get this back open for the employees for the community for ourselves.”

With the flooding in the area, Hall’s On The River is now almost completely under the river. But Crase says the building has a history with floods in the area and is resilient. 

“The challenge for us is having to endure things like this. Most restaurants don’t have to deal with this but we do and it’s part of who we are,” Crase said. “And if you come to halls, you can see we have a hydrometer we call it. It looks like a big thermometer down the stairway, and it shows the different levels of the flood.”

There are no words to explain what it means to look at his community during tough times like these, Crase said. He only hopes Kentuckians will continue to support local business and restaurants once they are able to reopen.

“Well it’s heartbreaking. You know, and it represents something that’s important in security to my family but it also represents all the employees and what this means to the communities that we support and who supports us. It’s just heartbreaking. There’s no other word for it,” Crase said.

Hall’s On The River is hoping the water levels will start to lower over the next few days so they can clean up the restaurant and reopen as soon as possible.